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$40.00 - On Sale

this poster was printed by rolo seco in brazil as part of a series of large silkscreened posters that they have made with other artists as well. find out more about rolo seco and see the other posters at


three color silkscreened poster on thick, ivory toned paper
edition of 100
measures 26 x 38 inches
hand stamped on the back by rolo seco
includes an original drawing at the bottom left corner, and signed at the bottom right


note: these posters are also available, without the original drawing included, at the printer and distributor's online store,

in this listing, i'm selling 10 posters from the same edition of 100, but with an original drawing added at the bottom left of each poster, and signed at the bottom right. the original drawing for each poster is different.

print will ship rolled.

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